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Dr. ThorpeDr. Edward Thorpe, the creator of our products is a leading innovator in the latest techniques to produce naturally effective hypoallergenic and anti-aging cosmeceuticals. He is internationally known for his advanced compounding skills, which enable him to create effective and hypoallergenic skin care products free of irritating or toxic chemicals. Dr. Thorpe has dedicated his professional career to educating his clients about the benefits of carefully crafted, natural skin care products based on the latest dermatological research.

Dr. Thorpe has degrees in Natural Products Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Medical Organic Chemistry and is a regular lecturer on natural health products. His pharmacological expertise matches his knowledge of the history of the health products industry, which results in fast-paced, humorous, informative and entertaining lectures that create a diverse mosaic of insights into contemporary Holistic Health Care. He is a renowned lecturer on the topic of ammation 䨥 21st Century Disease," demonstrating his broad integrative vision of contemporary allopathic and naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Thorpe is also a regular writer on health issues, several of his articles appearing in local and national magazines. He is a leading Canadian expert on issues pertinent to natural hormone replacement, thyroid, anti-aging and immune-deficiency, and was the first Canadian pharmacist to specialize in compounding natural hormonal therapies, which are hypoallergenic and hyposensitizing.

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